Episode 4

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13th Jul 2023

Episode #4 What Is Communion? Is It Simply a Memorial or Is Christ Actually IN the Bread and Fruit of the Vine? (Can We even Understand It? With God's Help We Will Try)

Communion discussions; in light of Holy Scripture, with an objective mindset, asking for the Holy Spirit to give us help, in understanding what has been so divisive, for so long, in the Body of Christ.

A nutshell look at what we got out of the Reformation and the need to test it.

Our Special Guest returns, from a land far away, where you are not free to be a Christian, to share her view of communion.

A short survey of some of the prime Scriptures about communion.


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About the Podcast

The Perfect Church
There is a perfect church that church is you, if indeed you have the Spirit of Christ in you.
Have you ever heard someone say "There is no perfect church. If you did find the perfect church as soon as you joined it it wouldn't be perfect anymore"?

I beg to differ. This is not what the Word of God says.

There is a perfect church! Yes, there is, and it is you.
The Spirit of Christ in you joins you to the body of Christ, the one body, and his body is the Church. You are the body of Christ, you are his bride, and the Perfect Church is in you!

We can take a look at some of these things about what the Perfect Church looks like from Scripture. When the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to see things which are hidden in plain sight it becomes self evident that they are true.

Through prayer and an illumination of Scripture, by the Holy Spirit, we can acquire a practical spiritual perspective. Thus empowering us to reclaim many powerful truths which define the Perfect Church.

We are going to have to think outside of the carnal/baby Christian box if the Church is going to succeed. That's what we are doing here, with an un-forced unity in peace and love as one of our goals.

Thursday evenings we will have a new episode.
The first episode starts on June 22nd.
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Michael Nordman

Has been an elder, wrote and taught several spiritually oriented Bible studies, was a youth group leader, and a three time children's picture book author. Has a passion to re-discover and embrace the Perfect Church and leave a great legacy for our children and grandchildren.

"Through prayer mixed with pondering Scripture I have experienced an illumination and interactions with the Holy Spirit. This has opened the eyes of my heart a bit and enabled me to help others to do the same." Mike